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The following are our top 10 tips when selecting a driving instructor for you, your partner or your children.

  1. Listen to others, recommendations from successful drivers. This is always a good starting point.
  2. If looking online does their presence look professional? If it does they have invested in getting it right and this is probably representative of their approach to tuition. Also allows you to compare and contract and even book lessons online.
  3. Ask about their pass rates and approach to teaching. People learn differently and the instructor should be adaptable and amenable to your needs.
  4. Does the car look clean and well maintained? The appearance of the car demonstrates a commitment to the profession, attention to detail and the safety aspect of you learning to drive with someone.
  5. Speak to the instructor and ensure you agree what is offered will meet your expectations. Many instructors offer intensive driving courses and these suit some people and not others. To make the most of this learning style you will need a level of commitment from both you and the instructor.
  6. Read feedback on Social Media from successful drivers. People will happily post their experiences highlighting the number of minor points in their test. People are different but you want to see a broad spectrum of “passers” and their experience with the instructor.
  7. Can they fit in with your schedule, do they pick up and drop off, etc. You may want picked up from school and the lesson finishing at your house, is this possible? Do they do early morning and evening lessons to fit in with your work commitments?
  8. Do they look smart and well turned out? Just like the car appearance is important. You will be sitting beside the instructor for over 40 hours and maybe a minor point but you should expect professionalism. This does not mean a suit but well-groomed, clean and tidy.
  9. Do they offer discounts on block bookings? Leaning to drive is not cheap. The DVLA indicates an average of 45 hours of tuition which translates to around £1,000 based on current charges. Any savings that you can get block booking at the start means more money in your pocket.
  10. Do they offer add on services which focus on parking, night driving, motorway driving etc. You might not need these to pass you test but it indicates the instructor’s commitment to offering a full driving package of lessons.

If you are looking for someone who can tick all the points above and are looking for driving lessons in Kirkcaldy, Perth and Kinross then why not contact www.roadrunnerschoolofmotoring.co.uk  and discuss your requirements.

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