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Thursday, 01 February 2018 18:23

Mydilsburgh or Middlesbrough

As my place of birth, I thought I would compile some not so well know facts about the place.  Some maybe not great claims to fame but worth a mention!

Really Middlesbrough is the genuine new town as it pre-dates the likes of Stevenage, Cumbernauld, Cwbran, etc by nearly 100 years and the towns of the Welyn Garden City and Letchworth established as part of the garden city movement by over 50-years.  Planned in the early 1840’s for workers supporting the iron industry.

George Henry Camsell was the record goal scorer in English football in the 1926-27 season with 59 goals.  He held the record for 1-year before Everton’s Dixie Dean scored 60 goals in the following season but at least the record of the first to score 59 goals in a Season. He also discovered Brian Clough whilst working as a scout after WW2.

The Steel and Iron manufactured in Middlesbrough is all over the world.  The Tees Transporter bridge is an iconic landmark, but the steel was used to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge and railways across the globe.

Captain James Cook is probably one of the most famous explorers and people quite often picture him as a Whitby boy but no he originates from Middlesbrough.  At that time Marton was a small settlement that was consumed by Middlesbrough in the late 19th Century.

The River Tees was once the home to Paddle Steamers both used for pleasure trips and commuting between Stockton and Middlesbrough.  The river has been the life blood of the town ever since it was decided to ship coal from the Durham and Darlington coal fields.  Now teaming with wild life and the seals have returned to Seal Sands at the mouth of the Tees.  The water spirit Peg Powler is said to inhabit the river!

Middlesbrough was the first major British town to be bombed in the second world war due to the steel and ship building industries.  A bit ironic that 100 years earlier the first mayor of Middlesbrough was German born Henry Bolkow.

Middlesbrough people are referred to as Smoggies which was initially a derogatory term but now is embraced by residents and has resulted in a Smoggie dictionary.  There are many words which cover multiple northern towns and areas but some that are unique. Parmo, Mallon, Lemon Top and Oggy Raiding to name a few.

Everybody wants Middlesbrough! Yes, I do mean it, part of Yorkshire, Cleveland, North Riding, Teesside, who will be next to claim this great town?

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